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Company Overview

Pets are living longer and therefore are at a higher risk of developing an increasing number of medical conditions such as allergies, arthritis, cancer and viral diseases; however, few treatment options exist for these conditions today.

Aratana Therapeutics is uniquely positioned to address these unmet and underserved needs which may offer better pet care by bringing human medical science to animal health and providing veterinarians with innovative new therapeutics that have been designed specifically for treating pets.

Aratana is a pet therapeutics company operating at the intersection of the more than $50 billion annual U.S. pet market and the more than $20 billion annual worldwide animal health market. Our current portfolio has over 15 novel therapeutic candidates in development that target significant opportunities in serious medical conditions in pets, including cancer, pain, inappetence, viral diseases and allergy. We are focused on executing our clinical development plan, continuing to expand our pipeline of therapeutic candidates, and augmenting our development capabilities.

Our Mission

To develop safe and effective therapeutics for serious unmet and underserved medical needs in pets and to deliver these cutting-edge options to veterinarians.

Our Strategy

We are leveraging the advances and investment in human medical science to accelerate the development of innovative therapies designed specifically for pets. We also seek to identify promising products already in development for pets, which we can further develop and deliver in a time-efficient manner. 

Aratana has demonstrated a strong track record of excellence through focused clinical execution for our development programs, the establishment of value-driving licensing agreements with leading biopharmaceutical companies, and the strategic acquisition of pet health companies and therapeutics that have expanded our global and therapeutic footprint.  Our success is grounded in our passion and commitment to delivering new beginnings to veterinarians, and their clients.

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